“No Light In The Window” by Katie Wilhelm

10 01 2010

In this short story, “No Light In the Window,” the author does a great job of creating a fictional idea of gender roles and the transition of how the roles have changed through time.  The couple in the story, Hank and Connie, both are very strong minded about what they want and what will happen.  Hank portrays the role of the male in the 20th century and the men do not need to rely on any women and they are the breadwinner of the family as Connie protrays the exact opposite female role for today’s families.

Over the course of the story, Hank is very supportive of Connie in the sense that they both will be able to go on the ship.  But as the tests are being done on him, he makes it quite clear that he does not need her support or even need her knowing all the tests being ran on him.  It really upsets Connie because she wants to be a part of that and know if he is okay or if anything bad would happen she wanted to be there.  Connie on the other hand wants to contribute to the family just as much as Hank. She believes that she would be contributing to the family as well and that is very important to her.

In the end, we all read that Connie ends up being eligible for the trip and Hank actually is not.  This really relates to families a lot in today’s society that both the man and the women bring equal parts or close to the family.  And in some instances, the women is the breadwinner where the husband takes on the more domestic side of things.  Connie is very much more of the norm now that in this story but Hanks role is still instilled  in some families.


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5 01 2010

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